Japanese American Women Speak


Dr. Akiko Funahashi (OTD, OTR/L) aka DJ AkikoLUV is deeply passionate about turntablism, and devotes her life to the DJ arts.  As a transgender “skratch nerd” active in the Los Angeles and online DJ battle scenes, she trains tirelessly and continuously. Her battle resume includes Top-3 placements in DMC competitions from Los Angeles to Phoenix and the Bay Area, in addition to selection for the Red Bull Thre3Style competition in San Diego.

In addition to her competitive efforts, Akiko is driven to educate others and spread the art of turntablism around the globe.  To this end, she brings her experience and expertise as a school-based occupational therapist to the world of turntablism. As a creator and developer of original and unique educational content - dedicated to the preservation and growth of the DJ arts - her core values are education, awareness, and empowerment.

You can watch Akiko and her skratch partner Mike C discussing the turntable arts on their “Skratch Snobs” YouTube channel.  In addition, Akiko curates a Facebook Community Page entitled “Skratch: Hands In Motion,” with the primary goal of contributing to the academic and scientific body of knowledge regarding turntablism.